Electric Engines Essay

An electric engine is a motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, making things move. It works according to the laws of electromagnetics. The principle is that an electromagnet is powered by an electric current. It passes through a wire that creates a magnetic field with two poles, north and south. The laws of physics state that opposite poles attract and like poles repel. The field created between these poles will power up the magnet causing current to flow through the wire and this electromagnet becomes a power source. The more wires are looped around the electromagnet, the more amplified the magnetic field becomes and the more power is produced.
An electric engine is dependent on electromagnetism. The motor rotates because of the continuous changes in the course of the electromagnetic field, which is achieved by the design of the electric motor. The power is supplied through the flexible metal brushes that connect the commutators. This power makes things move and function.

An electric engines essay will not be complete without discussing where such engines are being used. While people may often take the whole electromagnetic principle for granted, it cannot be denied that it is part of everyone’s life. Modern civilization uses appliances and equipment that are run by electric engines. From washing machines to televisions, from water pumps to elevators, devices that run on electric engines are meant to make people’s lives easier. Even cars and other vehicles are powered by electric motors.

If you look around, you will see that electric engines are everywhere, even in your own home. Check out anything that moves and you will see it is powered by batteries or is plugged into the sockets in your wall. These are all powered by electricity and electric motors. Electric engines make people’s lives easier because it reduces manual labor that is needed to do or produce something. Think about doing the laundry, cutting trees to get lumber, churning butter, and many more. Whether it is as a simple household chore or a large-scale production or service, the use of electric engines has greatly benefitted mankind.

Additionally, using electric engines, especially for motor vehicles, is a good way to help preserve nature. As the electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy, there is less pollution that is being produced. The advancement of electric motor technology will pave the way for the reduction of man’s dependence on fossil fuels.